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1 December, 2001

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This is already the seventh IDAMAP workshop. You can check where the previous workshops were held, and download papers that were presented.

IDAMAP 2002: Scientific Programme, Tue 23rd July; Download Proceedings (2 Mb, PDF)

9.00-9.15 Peter Lucas and Silvia Miksch Welcome
9.15-10.00 Pedro Laranaga Invited Talk:
Learning Bayesian networks from data; Some applications in biomedicine
10.00-10.20Morning Refreshments
10.20-11.25 Chair: Riccardo Bellazzi Session I: Explanation and Information Retrieval
10.20-10.45 Carmen Lacave, F. Javier Diez Explanation for causal Bayesian networks in Elvira
10.45-11.10Emmanuel Roux, Patrice Caulier, Anne-Pascale Godillon-Maquinghen, Stephane Bouilland, Denis Bouttens Fuzzy decision tree for the objective explanation of subjective functional evaluation: application to the upper limb
11.10-11.25 Patrick Ruch, Gilles Cohen, Mitsuko Kondo Oestreicher Intelligent data analysis and clinical reports: applying bag-of-words approaches to corrupted collections
11.25-12.20 Chair: Werner Horn Session II: Prognostic Models
11.25-11.40 Jung-Wook Bang, Duncan Gillies Using Bayesian networks to model the prognosis of hepatitis C
11.40-12.05 Marion Verduijn, Niels Peek, Jaap Kloek Predicting outcomes of cardiac surgery: modeling the interaction of risk factors
12.05-12.20 Thu Hoang, Quoc Anh Trinh, Bernard Asselain Construction and validation of a prognostic model for metastatic breast cancer using a Bayesian neural network and regression tree
14.00-15.30 Chair: Peter Lucas Session III: Temporal Knowledge and Protocols
14.00-14.25 Riccardo Bellazzi, Christiana Larizza, Paolo Magni, Roberto Bellazzi Quality assessment of dialysis services through intelligent data analysis and temporal data mining
14.25-14.40Martin Scholz Using real world data for modeling a protocol for ICU monitoring
14.40-15.05 Linda Peelen, Niels Peek, Ameen Abu-Hanna Case-based prognosis in temporal domains: a case study in chronic pulmonary disease
15.05-15.30 Guy Carrault, Marie-Odile Cordier, Rene Quiniou, Feng Wang Intelligent cardiac data analysis for diagnosis and monitoring
15.30-15.50Afternoon Refreshments
15.50-16.55 Chair: Silvia Miksch Session IV: Clustering and Visualisation
15.50-16.15 Dragan Gamberger, Nada Lavrac, Dietrich Wettschereck Subgroup visualisation: a method and application in population screening
16.15-16.30 Gary Ewing, Robert Logie, Jim Hunter, Neil McIntosh, Sue Rudkin, Yvonne Freer, Lindsey Ferguson A new measure summarising 'information' conveyed in cluster analysis of card-sort data: application to a neonatal intensive care environment
16.30-16.55 Celine Robardet, Bruno Cremillleux, Jean-Francois Boulicaut Characterization of unsupervised clusters with the simplest association rules: application for child's meningitis
16.55-17.45 Chair: Nada Lavrac Session V: Diagnosis
16.55-17.20 Petra Povalej, Peter Kokol, Bruno Stiglic,Irene Litvan, Dusan Flisar Verifying clinical criteria for Parkinsonian disorders with decision trees
17.20-17.45 Andrea Sboner, Claudio Eccher, Giuseppe Zumiani, Paolo Bauer, Stefano Forti Exploiting clinical knowledge for supporting early diagnosis of melanoma

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