About me

Since March 2015, I am full professor symmetric cryptography at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Digital Security Group and since September 2018 this has become my full-time job. Until that date, I worked near Brussels, Belgium as a security architect and cryptographer for STMicroelectronics (2003-2018), previously Proton World (1998-2003), previously Banksys (1996-1998), all that time in the security engineering group led by Yves Moulart. Before that I worked shortly at Bacob Bank (1996) in Brussels as a security architect and I spent one year in IT support at J&J (1995-1996) in Beerse, Belgium. I did a PhD on the design of symmetric cryptography at COSIC in Leuven from 1988 until 1995.


Early 2018 I was awarded an ERC advanced grant for my research proposal ESCADA on the foundations of security in symmetric crypto. This has started in October 2018 and I have in the meanwhile hired 5 PhD students and a postdoc. With Bart Mennink I have received mid 2018 an NWO TOP grant for our research proposal related to the design of symmetric crypto optimally exploiting available multipliers. This project has started in August 2019 and we have hired two PhD students on it.

PhD students and postdocs

PhD students:


Former postdocs:


I teach two bachelor computer security courses here at Radboud University: Computer Security (6ec) and Introduction to Cryptography (6ec). The former I teach together with Zeki Erkin and the latter with Lejla Batina. I contribute to the master computer security course Hardware Security of Erik Poll and Lejla Batina in form of 3 lectures on smart card security architecture. I accompany internships, bachelor and master theses in my own specialization but also in other domains of cryptography and information security.


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