Tom Claassen

TomC Postdoctoral researcher
Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (ICIS)
Faculty of Science, Radboud University Nijmegen

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Research Interests

Main topics of interest:

Current research

My research focusses on causal discovery methods and their application to real-world experiments. I am currently involved in the EU-FP7 projects MATRICS and Aggressotype, and the NWO-projects MoCoCaDi ('More Confidence in Causal Discovery'), and 'Causal Discovery from High-Dimensional Data in the Large-Sample Limit'. As of 1 April 2016 I also work 50% in the AMLab group of Dr Joris Mooij at the UvA.

The MoCoCaDi project aims to improve the use of 'proper' causal discovery methods in standard data analysis by providing more robust and flexible methods to identify likely cause-effect relations from observational data, as well as a principled quantification of both the strength and the reliability of this connection.

The projects MATRICS and Aggressotype deal with genetic, cognitive, and neuropsychological factors that underly human conduct disorder and antisocial behaviour in general, and the relation between callous-unemotional / aggressive traits and ADHD in children and young adults in particular. Goal of our subproject is to build up a model that can explain the connection between the many associated risk factors identified in other sub-projects, aid understanding of the underlying make up of CD/CU conditions (subclasses) and help define possible intervention strategies on these risk-factors. It involves data sets as diverse as different DSM-V questionnaires (incl. self-evaluation reports), IQ/education data, brain-activation images, hormonal/heart-rate measurements, animal behavioural experiments, idem differences in brain-metabolites (MR/ASL/DTI), data on substance abuse/addiction, and psychopathic traits in non-institutionalised populations.

Related subjects I am working on:

Before joining the machine learning group of Tom Heskes I worked as a design/specification expert and systems architect for two of the main IT-companies in the Netherlands (Logica, AtosOrigin), doing projects for industry (Philips, Shell) and (semi)government (KNMI, LMD-Schiphol, Min.Def.)




In June 2013 I defended my doctoral thesis entitled 'Causal Discovery and Logic' with a cum laude distinction. I was honoured to host the accompanying mini-symposium with contributions by top-level scientists from both inside and outside the Netherlands.


In 2016-2017 I teach the following courses: Previous subjects include:

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