Theses/internships topics

  • Hardware security
  • Lightweight cryptography
  • Implementations of cryptography
  • Physical attacks and countermeasures
  • Crypto in constrained environments: RFID tags, sensor nodes and Iot devices in general

As a professor at the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (ICIS) I am also teaching courses offered by the Radboud University Bachelor program in Cyber security and within the TRU/e security master (joint program in information security with TU Eindhoven).

I have a long-standing collaboration with the Dutch security evaluation industry i.e. Riscure where many of my students did their theses and internships. I also collaborate with the Data Science group of ICIS and internationally. I actively participate in several EU projects and COST actions and am a member of national and international expert panels.

Since 2016 I am active within the Gender and Diversity Committee (GenDi) at FNWI with a goal to increase the diversity at all levels in academia and in particular to work on strategies to improve the gender equality.