Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium takes place on Tuesday, August 21, at the IIiX venue and is by invitation only.

The Doctoral Consortium aims to provide a constructive setting for presentations and discussions of doctoral students’ research projects with senior researchers and other participating students. The two main goals of the Doctoral Consortium are: 1) to advise students regarding current critical issues in their research; and 2) to make students aware of the strengths and weakness of their research as viewed from different perspectives.

Seminar outline
The Doctoral Consortium takes place on Tuesday, August 21, at the IIiX venue. Seven students have been accepted for participation in the Doctoral Consortium.

The doctoral students will present summaries of their work to other participating doctoral students and the senior researchers. Each presentation will be followed by a plenary discussion, and individual discussion with one senior advising researcher. The discussions in the group and with the advisers are intended to help the doctoral student to reflect on and carry on with their thesis work.

At the end of the day, the students and their mentors are invited for the DC dinner at Brewery De Hemel.

Accepted students

  • Abu Shamim Mohammad Arif, University of South Australia (Australia)
  • Daniel T. J. Backhausen, Distance University in Hagen (Germany)
  • Viktors Garkavijs, National Institute of Informatics (Japan)
  • Saskia Koldijk, Radboud University (The Netherlands)
  • Anna Mikkonen, University of Tampere (Finland)
  • Maya Sappelli, Radboud University, (The Netherlands)
  • Wan-Ching Wu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA)


  • Noriko Kando, National Institute of Informatics (Japan)
  • Christina Lioma, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Robert Villa, University of Sheffield (UK)
  • Max Wilson, University of Nottingham (UK)
  • Hideo Joho, University of Tsukuba (Japan)
  • Birger Larsen, Royal School of Library and Information Science (Denmark)

Credit, certificate and grants
It is recommended that students participating in the Doctoral Consortium will be awarded 2 credits, ECTS or equivalent, by their home department. Students will be presented with a certificate upon completed participation in the Doctoral Consortium.

All students who participate in the Doctoral Consortium receive a grant for free participation in the IIiX conference (financed from IIiX fundings).

If you have any enquiries regarding the Doctoral Consortium, please contact the DC Co-Chairs.