You can download a printable (PDF) version of the programme here.

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Tuesday 21/08/2012

  • 9.00 – 18.00: Doctoral consortium (by invitation only)
  • 18.30 – 20.30: Opening reception (for all participants) at De Hemel
  • 20.00: DC dinner at De Hemel (for DC students and mentors only)

Wednesday 22/08/2012

  • 9.00: Welcome
  • 9.30: Keynote Peter Ingwersen. Chair: Diane Kelly
  • 10.30: Coffee break
  • 11.00: Finding books session. Chair: Christina Lioma
    • Nils Pharo and Ragnar Nordlie: Examining the effect of task stage and topic knowledge on searcher interaction with a digital bookstore
    • Suvi Oksanen and Pertti Vakkari: In search of a good novel, neither reading activity nor querying matter, but examining search results
    • Muhchyun Tang, Pei-Hang Ting and Yi-Jin Sie: Exploring evaluation criteria of social navigational tools on social media : a case study of aNobii
  • 12.30: Lunch
  • 14.00: Expressing and understanding in interaction session. Chair: Marianne Lykke
    • Andrew MacFarlane, Chloe Marshall, George Buchanan and Asaad Albrair: Phonological working memory impacts on information searching: An investigation of dyslexia
    • Mark Smucker, James Allan and Blagovest Dachev: Human Question Answering Performance Using an Interactive Document Retrieval System
    • Ying-Hsang Liu and Mei-Mei Wu: On Sociocultural Aspects of User Elicitation
  • 15.30: Coffee break
  • 16.00: Search user interface design. Chair: Noriko Kando
    • Gene Golovchinsky, Abdigani Diriye and Tony Dunnigan: The future is in the past: Designing for exploratory search
    • David Zellhöfer: A Permeable Expert Search Strategy Approach to Multimodal Retrieval
    • Kingsley Hughes-Morgan and Max L. Wilson: Information vs Interaction – examining different interaction models over consistent metadata
  • 17.30 – 20.30: Poster reception (at conference venue)

Thursday 23/08/2012

  • 9.00: Queries in context session. Chair: Andrew Mc Farlane
    • Kien Tjin-Kam-Jet, Dolf Trieschnigg and Djoerd Hiemstra: An analysis of free-text queries for a multi-field web form
    • Richard Schaller, Morgan Harvey and David Elsweiler: Entertainment on the Go: Finding Things to Do and See while Visiting Distributed Events
    • Chia-Jung Lee and W. Bruce Croft: Generating Queries from User-Selected Text
  • 10.30: Coffee break
  • 11.00: Web search behaviour session. Chair: Peter Ingwersen
    • Georg Singer, Ulrich Norbisrath and Dirk Lewandowski: Ordinary Search Engine Users assessing Difficulty, Effort, and Outcome for Simple and Complex Search Tasks
    • Ian Ruthven: Grieving online: the use of search engines in times of grief and bereavement
    • Carsten Eickhoff, Pieter Dekker and Arjen De Vries: Supporting Children’s Web Search in School Environments
  • 12.30: Lunch
  • 14.00: Wikipedia and cultural heritage search behaviour session. Chair: Arjen de Vries
    • Jonas Fransson: Intention and task context connected with session in a cultural heritage collection
    • Malcolm Clark, Ian Ruthven, Patrik O’Brian Holt and Dawei Song: Looking for Genre: the use of Structural Features During Search Tasks with Wikipedia
    • Karl Gyllstrom and Marie Francine-Moens: Surfin’ Wikipedia – An Analysis of the Wikipedia (Non-Random) Surfer’s Behavior from Aggregate Access Data
  • 15.30: Coffee break
  • 16.00 – 17.00: Keynote Diane Kelly. Chair: Katriina Byström
  • 19.30 – 23.00: Conference banquet at Belvedere

Friday 24/08/2012

  • 9.00: Keynote Daniel Russell. Chair: Marianne Lykke
  • 10.00: Coffee break
  • 10.30: Representations, visualizations and behaviour session. Chair: Max Wilson
    • Pierre Tirilly, Chunsheng Huang, Wooseob Jeong, Xiangming Mu, Iris Xie and Jin Zhang: On the consistency and features of image similarity
    • Christina Lioma, Birger Larsen and Peter Ingwersen: Preliminary Experiments using Subjective Logic for the Polyrepresentation of Information Needs
    • Pia Borlund, Sabine Dreier and Katriina Byström: What does Time Spent on Searching Indicate?
    • Marco Angelini, Nicola Ferro, Giuseppe Santucci, Gianmaria Silvello and Guido Granato: Visual Interactive Failure Analysis: Supporting Users in Information Retrieval Evaluation
  • 12.30: Lunch
  • 14.00: Information seeking in specific applications session. Chair: Paul Thomas
    • Miamaria Saastamoinen, Sanna Kumpulainen and Kal Jarvelin: Task Complexity and Information Searching in Administrative Tasks Revisited
    • Anna Mikkonen and Pertti Vakkari: Readers’ search strategies for accessing books in public libraries
    • Joan Bartlett, Yusuke Ishimura and Lorie Kloda: Scientists’ Preferences for Bioinformatics Tools: The Task-based Selection of Information Retrieval Systems
  • 15.30: Coffee break
  • 16.00 – 17.00: IIiX planning session and closing
  • 17.30 – 19.30: IIiX closing reception / EuroHCIR welcome reception (at conference venue, for all participants)

Saturday 25/08/2012

The list of accepted posters is below. The list of accepted DC students can be found on this page.


1 Studying Information Interaction in Context: Some Lessons for Traffic Experiments Martin Colbert, Adam Oliver
2 Modelling Contexts for Information Interaction as 360° User Journeys: an Initial Illustration with reference to Pregnant Women Quitting Smoking Nalini Edwards, Martin Colbert
3 Visual Metaphors to Model Metacognitive Strategies that Support Memory During the Process of Refinding Information Leanne Bowler, Eleanor Mattern
4 Grannies, tanning beds, tattoos and NASCAR: Evaluation of search tasks with varying levels of cognitive complexity Wan-Ching Wu, Diane Kelly, Ashlee Edwards, Jaime Arguello
5 Towards a Model of Collaborative Information Retrieval in Tourism Abu Shamim Mohammad Arif, Jia Tina Du, Ivan Lee
6 A preliminary study using PageFetch to examine the searching ability of children and adults Jim Purvis, Leif Azzopardi
7 Graphical representation and similarity measurement of relevance judgments on the web Panos Balatsoukas, Ian Ruthven
8 Practical Considerations when Filtering Documents Desmond Elliott, Leif Azzopardi
9 Towards realistic known-item topics for the ClueWeb Claudia Hauff, Matthias Hagen, Anna Beyer, Benno Stein
10 Unobtrusive Mobile Browsing Behaviour Tracking Tool Matti Lassila, Teemu Pääkkönen, Paavo Arvola, Jaana Kekäläinen, Marko Junkkari
11 EmSe: Initial Evaluation of a Child-friendly Medical Search System Carsten Eickhoff, Leif Azzopardi, Djoerd Hiemstra, Franciska de Jong, Arjen De Vries
12 SCAMP: A Tool for Conducting Interactive Information Retrieval Experiments Gareth Renaud, Leif Azzopardi
13 Using file system content to organize e-mail Maya Sappelli, Suzan Verberne, Wessel Kraaij
14 Correlating Perception-Oriented Aspects in User-Centric Recommender System Evaluation Alan Said, Brijnesh Jain, Andreas Lommatzsch, Sahin Albayrak
15 Unlocking radio broadcasts: user needs in sound retrieval Mette Skov, Marianne Lykke
16 An Exploratory Study into Perceived Task Complexity, Topic Specificity, and Usefulness for Integrated Search Peter Ingwersen, Birger Larsen, Peiling Wang, Christina Lioma
17 SlideDeckFinder: Identifying related slide decks based on visual appearance and composition patterns Oliver Brdiczka, Doron Kletter
18 Evaluation of search quality differences and the impact of personality styles in native and foreign language searching tasks Eszter Józsa, Máté Köles, Anita Komlódi, Károly Hercegfi, Peng Chu
19 Making the News Interesting: Understanding the Relationship Between Familiarity and Interest Frans Van der Sluis, Richard Glassey, Egon Van Den Broek
20 An Exploratory Study on Search Behavior in Different Languages Peng Chu, Eszter Jozsa, Anita Komlodi, Karoly Hercegfi
21 Model for Simulating Result Document Browsing in Focused Retrieval Paavo Arvola, Johanna Vainio, Jaana Kekäläinen, Marko Junkkari
22 PatentLight: a patent search application Silvia Calegari, Emanuele Panzeri, Gabriella Pasi