Bachelor and Master Thesis Subjects – scriptie onderwerpen

Supervisor: Marko van Eekelen.

If you are considering to write a thesis under my supervision, I recommend you to look at my research page for inspiration on the direction of possible subjects. You can also study the list of possible subject areas and the list of recent subjects below. You can always contact me to talk about ideas for possible thesis subjects.

Studies are often performed in the spirit of LaQuSo, a joint initiative of Technical University Eindhoven and Radboud University Nijmegen. This is undoubtedly connected to the fact that I am responsible for the Nijmegen part of LaQuSo.

Subjects can be e.g. in the areas of

-          Case studies in applying formal methods such as model checking and theorem proving in industrial critical systems,

-          Size Analysis,

-          Proving properties of functional languages,

-          Smart Meter Security Assessment,

-          Software Metrics,

-          Software Certification,

-          Web Security Assessment,

-          Open Source Analysis,

-          Software Quality Analysis.

-          If you are looking for a subject in an industrial/commerical environment I can bring you in contact with one of my industry contacts. In Nijmegen for instance, I have particularly good contacts with Aia, GX, Polderland and Planon.

-          Recent suggestions that are given to me by industrial contacts: Performance Analysis at IBM Tivoli Delft.

Recent subjects are:


-          Bernard van Gastel: Readers-Writers, a model checking case study of TrollTech’s QT readers-writers concurrency library

-          Allan van Hulst, Modelling Java in mcrl2

-          Sjors Meekels, Autonomy in Software Architectures


-          Bernard van Gastel, Software Surgery

-          Emile Strijbos, Web Application Security Certification

-          Patrick van Rens, Software Metrics for Maintainability

-          Vinesh Kali, BROWSE Inspecting the constituents of webpages and Detecting malware on the internet

-          Alejandro Lopez, Seek and Deobfuscate - Uncovering JavaScript

-          Gregor Panovski (Technical University Eindhoven), Product Software Quality

-          Erik Schierboom, Verification of InterProcessCommunication in Fiasco, abstract

-          Leonard Lensink, Induction and co-induction in Sparkle, abstract

-          Ron van Kesteren, Proof support for type classes, abstract

-          Bas van Swelm, Tracing distributed Corba applications