Matrixrekenen (IPC017), exercises, Spring 2017

The homework will be published on this page, on the day of the lecture. Information about lectures can be found on the: lecture page.

Unless otherwise stated, work should be handed on every Monday by 4pm to the box of your teacher on the ground floor of Mercator 1. Exercises will generally be marked and returned to you at the werkcollege on Friday. The werkcollege's are:

Handing in your answers: put them (handwritten or typed) into the delivery box of your exercise class teacher on the ground floor of Mercator 1. (Some teachers may support or prefer other means of handing in exercises; ask your teacher.) All further details can be read from a pdf with homework exercises, which is posted every Wednesday on this page.

Exercise schedule (topics subject to change):

  1. Topic: Linear equations, matrices and Gaussian-elimination
    • Exercises: pdf
    • Hand in before: 11/9, 16:00
  2. Topic: Linear independence of vectors, solutions of homogeneous systems
    • Exercises: pdf
    • Hand in before: 18/9, 16:00
  3. Topic: Non-homogeneous systems, vector spaces, subspaces
    • Exercises: pdf
    • Hand in before: 25/9, 16:00
  4. Topic: Bases, matrices, and matrix multiplication
    • Hand in before: 2/10, 16:00
  5. Topic: Determinant, Matrix Inverse, Transformation of Bases
    • Hand in before: 9/10, 16:00
  6. Topic: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
    • Hand in before: 16/10, 16:00
  7. Topic: Inner product and orthogonality
    • Hand in before: 23/10, 16:00
  8. Topic: Orthogonalisation and projections
    • Hand in before: 30/10, 16:00