Formal Languages, Grammars and Automata (MOL090), lectures, 2nd quarter, Fall 2014

General information on this course can be found in the Science studiegids. Please don't forget to register in blackboard for this course, in order to receive (email) announcements. Relevant course information will be provided here (and not in blackboard).

The lectures will be given by Herman Geuvers and Twan van Laarhoven, in Dutch, but all course material will be in English. Information about exercises will be given on a separate exercise page.

Lectures will be on Wednesday mornings, 8:45-10:30, in lecture hall HG00.068 in the Huygens building. The first lecture will be on November 12, and the last one on January 14. The exam is on January 26.

Prerequisites consist of (secondary) school mathematics.

Course material consists of:

Your final grade for this course will be composed from the assignment grade a, the half-way test-exam grade h and the final exam grade f:

If you fail, you can do a retry of the written exam later on. If you fail once again, you will have to redo the whole course (including exercises) next year.

All students who have already done the exam for this course twice, unsuccesfully, will be required to do the following before they obtain the right to do the exam again:

Lectures schedule

  1. lecture 1, Wednesday 12/11
  2. lecture 2, Wednesday 19/11
  3. lecture 3, Wednesday 26/11
  4. lecture 4, Wednesday 3/12
  5. lecture 5, Wednesday 10/12
  6. lecture 6, Wednesday 17/12
  7. lecture 7, Wednesday 7/1
  8. lecture 8, Wednesday 14/1
  9. Question time: Friday 23/1, 13:30-15:30, HG.00.633