Formal Languages, Grammars and Automata (MOL090), exercises, Fall 2014

Information about lectures will be given on a separate lecture page.

The homework will be published on this page, at the day of the lecture. It has to be handed in before the next Monday 16:00 hr. The graded work will be given back to you and will be discussed at the exercise session on the Wednesday after that.

Exercise sessions start Wednesday 12/1, at 10:45. There are 2 exercise groups, with the students distributed over them as follows:

Group Location Teacher Students with surnames starting with
1 HG00.310 Bastiaan Cijsouw [A...K]
2 HG00.065 Maaike Zwart [L...Z]

Handing in your answers: put them (handwritten or typed) into the delivery box of your exercise class teacher on the ground floor of Mercator 1. All further details can be read from a pdf with homework exercises, which is posted every Wednesday (or already on Tuesday before) on this page.

Exercises schedule.
(We also provide some answers to the assignments; please use them with care as we don't guarantee their 100% correctness.)

  1. Topic: Languages, regular languages and regular expressions.
  2. Topic: Deterministic finite automata (DFAs), from regular expressions to DFAs.
  3. Topic: Non-deterministic finite automata and equivalence with deterministic finite automata.
  4. Topic: The pumping lemma and non-regular languages.
  5. Wrap up of part I and test-exam on 10/12
  6. Topic: Context Free Grammars and Regular Grammars
  7. Topic: Push-down automata
  8. Topic: Context-Sensitive Grammars and the Chomsky hierarchy; Lindenmayer systems; Wrap up of the course.
  9. Extra exercise: old exam